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I spend the majority of my time on campus, either in class or busy with other things going on. In my spare time, I like to write short stories and novels. I'm majoring in Communications at the University of Delaware.

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My Books

Maybe One Day

 Raleigh "Riley" Martin would like nothing more than to get away the mess that her life has turned into. With a mother in the nearby psychiatric ward and a broken heart Riley just can't mend, things haven't exactly been going her way. When she's sent off to her estranged father's, she never expected just how quickly things could change. She's gone from one incompetent mother to a shiny, white-picket-fence family.
 And then there's the issue of the stepbrothers who live down the street: Owen and Derek. Sweet and sour. Honest and mysterious. No matter how many flirtatious things slip from her lips or how many times Derek's hands wander too close, Riley's not interested. Right?
Fighting to escape the past, but unwilling to accept the present or her future, Riley Martin's going to have to make some decisions.

Fun Fact: This book started simply because of a choppy idea I had for a prologue, and I'd like to think it came together pretty nicely. I used love triangles a lot, but I think this one hit it in a different way. Derek and Owen are very different boys, and Riley is only able to choose when she realizes the differences within herself, too.

Reflection: Derek Crespo is the baddest boy I've ever written, and I love him like the boyfriend I will never chase after. He is mysterious and dark and dreamy, and I don't blame Riley for getting pulled into his world.

Status: Finished at 116,462 words.

We All Fall Down

Lucy Reeves' life is unraveling quicker than she can catch the strings. Between her parents' impending divorce and the best friend who's suddenly decided he's in love with her, Lucy doesn't know how to please everyone without losing herself. When her free-spirit sister comes home, her stay is only temporary before she's back on the road again. This time, she's joining the Wanderlusters, a punk rock band, on their summer tour.
And Lucy's not letting her go alone.
 Taking to the road with some of the most daring people she's ever met, Lucy's about to see the dark tunnels of fame and what happens to people as they make their way to the top. When it all begins to crumble, will Lucy be able to remember who she was before? More importantly, will she want to?

Fun Fact: The Wanderlusters have been a band that have been begging me for a story for years. I've created these people and their stories while just waiting for someone to come to tie it together. I loved writing songs for this book and really think they add the other dimension to the story that I needed.

Reflection: The road trip aspect of this and the musical side are two of my favorite things in the book, and I love the story. Someone once told me I should split it into two smaller novels, but the difference between first-half and second-half Lucy is so startling and needed to be displayed together.

Status: Finished at 84,576 words.

The Seven Rules of Sea Glass

I met Scarlet Mason at a funeral, and things have only gotten more confusing and strange since. 

Scarlet and Ethan have had a system going for seven years. Every summer, starting June 15th, he comes back into her life, and they spend the next three months sneaking in kisses and riding the Ferris Wheel at the local carnival a million times. When August ends, though, Ethan returns home, and their romance is on pause. When Scarlet chooses her new boyfriend over her past, though, no one could know the effects of it. 
With Scarlet's life falling apart and Ethan helpless to save her, their carefully crafted friendship will have to face more than ever before. And by the time September first does come, it'll be a miracle if they're both still standing.

Fun Fact: This is the most I've ever written in a male perspective, but I'm actually loving it and I really like Ethan's view on things. I also write in Scarlet's though, so it gives me a nice break. 
Reflection on the finished book: I love this book so much. I took risks with it and reached out of my comfort zone, and I know that some things need severe storyline editing because of that, but it was so amazing to follow Scarlet and Ethan's story.

Status: Done at 97,116 words.

The Children of Smoke and Chaos
Every revolution has to start somewhere. 

They've taken everything. Family, love, future. It is time for the children of rebellion to grow up. They will win this war, no matter how much they must sacrifice.
Rory was six years old the day the nation fell to pieces and her mother was killed. She was seven when they took her father. A decade later, she's only steps away from avenging the deaths of her parents and the other people she has come to lose. In a society without emotion and under the control of a dictator without reason, does she really stand a chance? Will she be able to seek revenge for the people she lost without losing herself?

Fun Fact: I started this book from a loose dystopian prompt in a writing contest, and it's led to a trilogy. My goal with dystopian fiction is to take a girl dealing with normal issues (romance, family, friends) and then add the weight of the world to her shoulders. That's when you see who a girl really is.

Status: Finished at 71,248 words.

Girl of Chaos

How can you let go when the past reaches out to grab you?

Aurora Steele is locked in the prison of the High House. James Preston is also in the prison of the High House. She must decide between the boy she lost and the boy she chose, the past that was stolen from her and the future that once glimmered. While her heart rules her mind, Rory is falling prey to the family she never knew she had. When it's all over, though, she never really does get to choose who's still standing once the smoke clears.    

Fun Fact: This was the first sequel I ever seriously started and finished. It also made me sob. 

Status: Finished at 75,472 words.

Boy of Thorns

 When you're out of moves, it's time to get out of the game.

 Aurora Steele left her entire life behind to escape to the world beyond Infernus's wall. Living amongst people who do not recognize the girl she used to be, Rory finds relief in unlikely sources. She finds the person she could have been if death hadn't interfered in her life. As the smoke finally begins to settle, though, a chain reaction of events sends her back inside the place she swore to never return to, back to the boy who once told her to stay or leave forever. When you're Aurora Steele, though, forever is such a relative term. 

Fun Fact: Third book in a trilogy. Look at me, doing the impossible. (Totally kidding, but for someone with commitment issues like me, this is pretty impressive) I spent the entire first two books thinking I knew where Rory would end up, but this book is making me completely rethink her future.

Status: WIP at 45,000 words. 

 The Things That Break Us

As sad as it sounds, I'm still holding out for my happily ever after.

When a car accident shatters the life of Nikki Ruiz by stealing her best friend, Nikki starts to lose herself. When Kat's journal is found, filled with letters and unsaid words, Nikki knows what she has to do. Following the names of those who were swept up in Kat's wonderstruck life, Nikki taks to the road with unexpected faces and hidden secrets.
Between the energetic, tied-together-with-a-smile Avery, the secretive Storm, and Nikki's ex-boyfriend-turned-druggie, Ryan, Nikki knows she has her hands full. Her life isn't the only one being ripped at the seams, though, and no one's quite ready to save themselves.
Nine letters, four people, one guitar, and a million secrets.
No one said it was going to be easy.

Fun Fact: This was my 2011 NaNo project, and I actually won! It was my second year doing it and my first time winning.
Reflection: I love the set-up of this book and I love, love, love the characters. Nikki was a character from an earlier project that I stopped working on, and I'm so glad I was able to bring her to life here.
Status: Finished at about 120,000 words. Editing will start soon and then maybe some query letters sent to agents.