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May 15, 2015

The World is a Big&Scary Place.

I'm a senior in high school. I'm a girl whose had her heart snapped and shattered and stitched back together. I'm a person trying to figure out the rest of her life when she's only being shown the corner of the picture. It's like I'm trying to figure out this puzzle and set it up, you know, with the edges all done and pieced together. But then, I only know what the smallest piece of it looks like.

I miss the innocence of childhood, back when kissing a boy meant we would be together forever and not trying to salvage something that was never really there a week later. I miss knowing who I wanted to be, before people started asking me "Why?" and "How?" so damn often. I miss feeling happy, like really happy. I miss having friends, back before friends turned to almost-lovers and then strangers.

My apologies for the sappiness. It's been a long week, and I had my senior prom a week ago, today. The future is terrifying me, to be honest.

To update all of you, so much has happened but it seems to all have come undone. I hate when life works like that. Here's a poem I wrote earlier today.

Three days.

Months of keeping you away,
weeks and weeks of being so careful,
all undone in three long days.

We were kings and queens,
your arms on my waist
and my eyes on yours.

The stars danced above us
at three in the morning
as I pulled you close
and tasted your lips.

We sat together but alone,
the rest of the world meaningless.
My lips tasted like rum;
yours reminded me of sunshine.

We drove home in comfortable quiet;
you stalled forever at my door,
but I would wait forever.
You asked my permission and kissed me
one last time.

I can see it now,
how foolish and naïve we were.
We took our time in paradise
and treated it like eternity.

I know now that you’re too busy
for me,
for us.

I know now that we couldn’t make it,
even if we wanted to,
even if we needed to.

I know now that I was falling for you,
quicker than I could catch myself,
quicker than you could catch me.

Three days.

I built up my walls
when he left,
but then I went and gave you
the key.


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