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I spend the majority of my time on campus, either in class or busy with other things going on. In my spare time, I like to write short stories and novels. I'm majoring in Communications at the University of Delaware.

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April 23, 2015

Guess Who's Back . . . Yeah, Again.

 Hi guys! I'm going to try to keep this updated again now that I'm moving forward with my life and won't be close to a lot of the people I've been involved with for so many years. Apparently, college exists to make you want to leave home but not leave your friends.

I committed to the University of Delaware and will be going into their Honors Program as a Communications interest major. I'm super excited about everything coming up and can't wait to be there in the fall! 

I've also updated my books and short stories pages; I've been super active (you know, because I was MIA for, like, two years) and wrote some things I'm proud of! Let me know if you read any of them or even like their covers or summaries. Any feedback at all is super useful.

Okay, I am exhausted because senior year is exhausting, but I will try to post more often. If you read this, let me know so I can see how my followers are doing after my hiatus!

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