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I spend the majority of my time on campus, either in class or busy with other things going on. In my spare time, I like to write short stories and novels. I'm majoring in Communications at the University of Delaware.

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I would be pleased to review any books, whether they be advance copies or old ones. If you would like me to review a book, feel free to email me at ashley2055@gmail.com or leave a comment on any of my posts.

I will also do giveaways on merchandise if you would be interested in giving away copies of books or other items.

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May 12, 2012


I was checking up on my blog today, and I saw that last month, I had 1,800 views. I’m kind of amazed, guys. And overall, I’ve had 8,600 views. Wow, guys. I’m really grateful that some of you take time to check up on this little blog. I’d like to think it’s helpful?


Well, I’m going to start daily-blogging again soon. Just wait till next week and biology testing is over. Then, I’ll have smooth sailing till the week of finals when I’ll be stuffing my face with Poptarts and cursing myself for waiting to study.

If you’d like me to talk about a topic or review a certain book, comment and let me know! I’m always interested to check out new stuff! In the mean time, check me out on tumblr!


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