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August 27, 2011

A Letter to a Friend

I just made the decision that once a week, I'll write a letter to someone and post it on this blog. Of course, I'll change names and such. The letter may not always be to a friend, too. This week, I'm writing to someone I met and can't seem to get out of my head . . . if you know what I mean.

Dear Nathan,

Remember when everyone thought I liked your best friend? At first, I did. It wore off, though. He could be annoying, in all honesty. The time I spent with both of you . . . people thought I was trying to get close to him, but I wasn't.

I started to love your quirky little facts and gorgeous eyes. You made me laugh and smile more than I had in awhile. We started hanging out more and more, with our friends, of course. Still, though, you made me feel like we were in our own little world. It was a magical feeling.

When we went to that camp at the end of the school year, everyone was having fun. We played tag in the pool, snuck off to the gazebo and spent the day together. When you risked detention to sit next to me on the bus (boy-girl seating was frowned upon!) my heart fluttered.

Was I just a speed bump? Something to stop at and pay attention to, but only for a moment? I really thought we were going somewhere, thought we were becoming something.

And then, a week later, my friend was texting me to tell me you asked her out. I played the role of a good friend, patching up your arguments and letting you two be happy. It broke me inside. It broke my heart into pieces that nothing could put back together. When she broke up with you, I waited. I gave you time.

We were at your friend's house the other day, and I thought of telling you. It's been months since you dated her. Would it be too soon for me to tell you how I really felt? We were talking when you looked at your friend and then at me. You pointed to me, made a heart and then to your friend.

Can't you forget about him? I don't love him, and I never will. I want you to be my friend again, Nathan. Can't we please be friends, like we were before I liked your friend and you dated my best friend?



August 26, 2011

It's Friday, Friday, Friday!

Yeah, who would've guessed? I'm a closet Rebecca Black fan.

No, not really. Although, her songs are catchy.

Anyway, I decided to post today about what's been going on. The blog's been updated. I took away a few widgets, changed the template and switched a few things. What do you think? Does it look better now than before? If you have a scroller along the bottom of your screen, you can view my whole blog by changing your zoom percentage to 80% in the bottom right-hand corner. It won't let me change it, so sorry for that.

I'm glad that my twenty followers are nice enough to check in on my blog every now and then. Tell other people about this random blog of ramblings, too, guys! I'll be reviewing books, giving advice and showing you the latest in the music world.

School's starting soon for me, but I hope to be on often. Don't forget to stop by and tell me how your first days are going, no matter what grade you're going into.

It's time for me to go, but I wish you a good last weeks of summer and the best of luck in school!

August 25, 2011

And the storm rolls in . . .

Isn't that picture gorgeous? I like to think so, seeing as I took it. The sunset was really pretty that night in Jamaica and I just couldn't resist capturing it.

Well, that's pretty much the happiest part of this post. These last few days have been eventful and chaotic in my house. I started volleyball on Monday and had a good time, but during practice yesterday I got my foot caught in someone's open duffel bag and twisted my ankle.

It was a lovely trip to the doctor and then to get x-rays done. Turns out, my ankle was sprained, and now I get to wear a lovely little ankle brace for the next week or so. I guess I really shouldn't be running without looking down every few seconds, right?

My sister had to go to the doctor today for what looked like a tick bite. She was diagnosed with lyme disease, but she'll be all right. It just needs a good dose of medicine every day for the next two weeks. She doesn't seem to mind too much, so I'm guessing she's feeling the same as she usually does.

The icing on this wonderful cake of pessimism? There's a hurricane heading for my state, and it's supposed to be pretty bad. I hope it's a little better than expected. I'm crossing my fingers and the toes I can!

Hope all of you are having a better week than me, but hey . . . after every storm comes a rainbow!

By the way, what comes after a hurricane? A firework/rainbow/unicorn explosion? I hope so!

August 21, 2011

I promised pictures . . . .

Here are pictures from my trip to Jamaica. I think the little captions and pictures themself will do a better job of explaining and showing you guys what my week was like. (And yes, I know this is my third post today . . . don't judge me!)

Here's me, my dad and my little sister playing volleyball in the pool. I practically lived in that pool all week!

A heart I drew in the sand on the beach. I tried to get a picture when the water washed up, but it just looked like half the heart was missing. :(

They have these super pretty bright flowers in Jamaica. I saw one outside of our room and took a picture. It's brighter in real life, but still so pretty!

Glass bottom boat! We went out and got to look down at all the fishies swimming around out in the ocean. It was really cool!

There was a Sesame Street parade, with tons of costumes, drummers and cool stuff. You can see Elmo on the left side of the picture!

One of the instructors jumped off the boat when we went on the Glass Bottom Boat and picked up prickly starfish and put them on his head. Eeekk!

Another picture of the boat and the beautiful beach!

I'll have some pictures of the sunset and whatnot later. They're on my dad's camera, because I forgot to bring mine the night we walked on the beach. Check back tomorrow to see some really pretty sunsets!

'Mazin Music Sundays . . . HUNTER HAYES

Listen to the boy who's currently on tour with Taylor Swift. He can play over thirty instruments, started performing at age four and has the cutest songs.

If you like him, go buy his four songs on iTunes! He really deserves any fame and publicity he can get. He's so sweet!

Back in the States!

Yes, I have survived Jamaica and made it home in one piece. It's an awful big accomplishment if I do say so myself. My trip was good, but not excellent. It was pretty, yes. There were pools, yes. The ocean was clear, yes.

Was there internet access? No. Was the hotel service magnificent? No. Was snorkeling awesome? No.

That last one is mainly for all of the people that told me to go snorkeling.
"You'll have fun!"
"Don't be a wuss; go and snorkel!"
"So, you're just going to be lazy and sit on the beach all day?"

I went snorkeling to please those people, you know. It was terrifying. The water was rough, I couldn't see a thing and, the icing on the cake . . . I cut my foot on the coral! Three pretty little pieces of purple coral were lodged in my foot, and I had to go to the hospital nurse to get one removed. The other two are still in my foot.

All in all, though, it was a good trip. It was really nice to just get away from everything, you know? You're probably wondering what else I did. (Did she really get coral in her foot and that was it?) I did a ton of stuff, and I'll be posting pictures soon.

Have a good Sunday, guys! I'll post some music for y'all later!! :)

August 8, 2011

The friends we make, the lives we shake

After reading Tangled by Carolyn Mackler (check out the review, guys!) I realized that our lives are all based on a million chance meetings . . . like the people I met at the Taylor Swift concert a few nights ago. Or the friend I went with. Maybe I'll never see those new people again, or maybe, one day they'll replace that friend I went with. It's all so random . . . this life, this world.

Without friends, we wouldn't be the people we are, right? We all have friends, different kinds with their own little quirks. I decided to write a post about those friends, or, about my friends. Maybe you'll be able to relate, maybe not.

My Best Friend:

We love the same music, books, snacks . . . we're practically twins in some aspects. Despite that fact, we do have our differences.

She loves softball, I'll always be a die-hard volleyball fan. She goes to a personal trainer, I go to the gym. She doesn't like to write short stories, I live off of them.

So, we have our differences. The key to our friendship though: we let things be. There's no arguments over stupid things, no begging for sleepovers, no persistent text-messaging and calling. We talk when we want, say what we want to say and do what we feel like. Friendship should come easily (that's not to say it's all butterflies and rainbows, you've gotta make an effort); if you've gotta really work at it, it's time to leave it.

The Know-It-All:

We all have that friend, right? Either they're always getting top grades or they know about the latest gossip, and they flaunt it. It can get annoying sometimes.

My friend is super-smart, and she doesn't let me forget. While, sometimes, I want to narrow my eyes and stick my tongue out at her, I just remind myself that she might know all about math and reading, but there's stuff she doesn't know.

Keeping things light lets us stay friends with each other. We don't argue and we don't get annoyed when the other wins (whether that be a geometry final or a writing contest). Friends shouldn't argue over the little things. So stop yourself if you find yourself bickering without reason.

The Butterfly:

I once heard about a girl being described as a butterfly, no faster was she tacked down than she was escaping and running off. My friend reminds me of Bridget from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She can't be tied down.

Not by a boyfriend. Not by a friend. Not by anyone.

I used to try and keep a leash on her, but there's no point. Friends like these come and go, and you just have to let yourself have a good time while it lasts. They come quickly, but they leave oh so soon.

So, enjoy them. Let them in, but know they will go. Butterflies can never stay forever, you know.

Here Tomorrow, Gone Today:

She laughs at your jokes, agrees with your decisions and makes you feel like you could be friends forever. Then, suddenly, you're realizing she wasn't always like this. She used to be mean, used to be evil.

People change in the blink of an eye. One second, they're an enemy and then . . . they're an ally, standing beside you. It all changes so much, though. I once had a friend who promised me forever. When the tide shifted and the sun stopped shining. . . friendship's a fickle thing. It comes and it goes. It rains and it snows.

Here's a poem I wrote after the fallout of a really, really long friendship:

Our Friendship’s Fall

Friendship is built from
Love, hope and trust.
When we’re little, it’s formed
From faith and pixie dust.

It’s supposed
To be strong.
It supposed to
Last long.

So why didn’t ours?
One day, it was there.
Now it’s gone.
This doesn’t seem fair.

We were so close;
I knew your dreams.
You knew my wishes,
But nothing is as it seems.

Was I just a toy?
Something to be thrown away?
Is it because I changed;
Stood up for myself that day?

You promised that we would
Be best friends forever,
So why has our friendship
Suddenly been severed?

We’re both at fault;
We can both be blamed.
Honestly, though,
I’m not ashamed.

Our friendship was rocky,
Before this whole mess.
All because you started
To care about it less.

Our texts were short,
And you stopped calling.
When I wanted to make plans,
You were always stalling.

I backed up,
And I stepped away.
I promised myself my emotions
Would no longer sway.

I’m sorry I really saw you,
For what you truly are.
You were no longer my friend;
No longer a shining star.

Friendship is built from
Love, hope and trust.
When we’re little, it’s formed
From faith and pixie dust.

None of that matters, though,
When you’re only acting.
Your lies and the stories you wove,
They’re all so impacting.

I’m turning away,
And ending it now.
I can’t do it any longer,
So go ahead and take a bow.

Don’t bother calling.
It’s over, once and for all.
I’ll try not to remember
Our friendship’s fall.

It hurts, doesn't it? When suddenly your 'best friend forever' is defriending
you and deleting your phone number from their contacts. It comes down to one
question though: Do you really want to be friends with someone who can erase you
so quickly?

The Friend of the Opposite Sex:

that you almost always wind up falling for. Yeah, I've got one of those. Actually, you know what? I've got two of them. I let myself fall in love with one of my closet guy friends and it was a really big screw-up on my part.

But you know what? I don't care anymore. I like him somewhat now, not as much as before. Call me all the names you'd like, but I even find myself leaning closer to my other guy friend. The thing is, I know nothing will ever happen between us. It makes me feel risky and confident to lean in and brush an eyelash from his cheek.

Let yourself fall in love with that guy you hang out with all the time. If you fall, he might just catch you.

Or he might stay a friend and put a trampoline where you're going to fall.

Tangled . . . .

I realized it's been a bit since I've done a book review, so I thought . . . Hey, why not review Tangled by Carolyn Mackler? I got it at the Borders closing sale *tear tear* and read it a week or so ago.

Title: Tangled

Author: Carolyn Mackler

Summary: Paradise wasn’t supposed to suck.

Not the state of being, but a resort in the Caribbean. Jena, Dakota, Skye, and Owen are all there for different reasons, but at Paradise their lives become tangled together in ways none of them can predict. Paradise will change them all.

It will change Jena, whose first brush with romance takes her that much closer to having a life, and not just reading about those infinitely cooler and more exciting. It will change Dakota, who needs the devastating truth about his past to make him realize that he doesn’t have to be a jerk just because people think he’s one. It will change Skye, a heartbreakingly beautiful actress, who must come to terms with the fact that for once she has to stop playing a role or face the consequences. And it will change Owen, who has never risked anything before and who will take the leap from his online life to a real one all because of a girl he met at Paradise….

From confused to confident and back again, one thing’s certain: Four months after it all begins, none of them will ever be the same.

Stars: 4

Rate: 7.5

Pros: I love when books switch POVs which is what Tangled did. The book was split into four parts, each told from a different character. The twists and turns in this novel were what kept me reading. The characters were all unique, too. Definitely a good book to read when you want some juicy storylines.

Cons: I felt like just as I really began to saw who a character was, the book switched to another POV. It was somewhat annoying, I must admit. Some of the scenes in the book could've been fleshed out more, but Mackler did a decent job of describing things and whatnot.

Overall Recommendation: Read it. It can be kind of weird with the switching point of views, but it did have a strong story. It wasn't all sugar-coated gum-drops, either. All in all, a well-written book that I recommend to you.

"Whether it is clear or unclear to you the universe is folding as it should."
— Carolyn Mackler (Tangled)

August 5, 2011

Taylor Swift and Pottermore :D

It's been over a week since my last post. I didn't even realize until today! Sorry, guys. It's been a busy few days. I've been finishing up summer work for next year, catching up with friends and planning for tomorrow night. What is tomorrow night, you ask?

Why, the Taylor Swift concert, of course! I'm going with my best friend to see Taylor Swift perform in Philly tomorrow night, so if you're there . . . comment on this post, I guess, and let me know what you thought of the show afterwards!

While Taylor is my favorite singer, I must say I'm nearly as excited for the opening act, Hunter Hayes. The boy who can play over thirty instruments, had an album at 7 years old and can write the cutest songs I've heard. Think Hunter's cute?

Yeah, I know. He's such a cutie! If only I had the money to get the V.I.P. access and actually meet him before the show . . . I can wait, though. He'll be such a star that he'll have his own tour soon enough.

In other news, J. K. Rowling's newest Potter addition, Pottermore.com was opened nearly a week ago. Anyone who was hoping for early registration could go on Pottermore at certain times of the day and unlock clues where you'd have to answer a question and find the Magic Quill. I was lucky enough to get on yesterday, so if you will be joining me on Pottermore before it's public release in October, look for LightScale212!

If you're sitting there, panicking about how you forgot to register . . . you have one more day! Clue 7 is said to be the easiest of the clues, seeing as they went down in difficulty through the week. I wish you luck and hope to see you on the site when I get on! :D

Hope to see some of you at the concert or on Pottermore! I bid you farewell for now!