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January 30, 2011

Come on, all you inkies!!!!

So, this is a random post to anyone that isn't a member of inkpop.com . . . For those inkies reading this though, a fellow inkie is in trouble. There was a major glitch on inkpop that had people logging in as other inkpoppers when they were actually trying to get onto their own accounts. During that time, a lot of projects were deleted by evil people.

One of the projects, Paradox, was in the top 5. With only one day left until the end of the month, the author needs a lot of help getting picks and feedback. We can get it back in the top 5, inkies! We have to!

Time is running out, and we need these picks fast! Don't tell me that the author may not deserve it or whatever if you haven't read the book, because it's a great book. Also, it was in the top 5 for almost the whole month! We need to make things right and get it back there!

Click this little link right here and then click "Add to picks list" because you know you want to!

In other news, expect a book review on 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" tomorrow afternoon!!

January 28, 2011

What Happened to Goodbye?

So, I'm guessing all the major Sarah Dessen fans, like myself, have already heard about her upcoming novel. For those of you who don't stalk the internet, waiting and waiting for a new book, I'll let you know now.

The title is 'What Happened to Goodbye' which goes with the overall theme of the book. Sarah Dessen has announced that the book should be out on May 10, 2011. We've still got some waiting to do, apparently. Below is the summary for the novel, which seems interesting and unique.

Since her parents' bitter divorce, Mclean and her dad, a restaurant consultant, have been on the move - four towns in two years. Estranged from her mother and her mother's new family, Mclean has followed her dad in leaving the unhappy past behind. And each new place gives her a chance to try out a new persona: from cheerleader to drama diva. But now, for the first time, Mclean discovers a desire to stay in one place and just be herself - whoever that is. Perhaps her neighbor Dave, an academic superstar trying to be just a regular guy, can help her find out. Combining Sarah Dessen's trademark graceful writing, great characters, and compelling storytelling, What Happened to Goodbye is irresistible reading.

I'm hoping for Dessen's common realistic, humourous writing, but I do love the romance she throws into the mix. The book will most likely be in hardcover, like the last two were. If you can't wait for the new book, then why not check out Sarah Dessen's short story, Infinity?

Go here to learn more about it:

Ingrid Michaelson - Parachute

Here's one of the music videos, so you can just press play if you don't feel like dealing with the links and such! :]

Music, Quotes and Books

So, I added some widgets from a great site called goodreads. You'll see a list of books I want to read, my countdown for the year (I'm trying to read at least 50!) and a new widget that displays a quote from my favorite quotes on the goodreads site. On my list to read this year are some Kate Brian books (Private and Privelege series) and I'm also hoping to read the whole Percy Jackson series. One of my all time favorite authors, Sarah Dessen, has a new book coming out soon, which I will definitely be reading. I'll post a new summary and cover post for that book soon.

There's many other books I'm looking forward to reading, but you can see them in that list with the book covers shown. In the world of music, I have started listening to Ingrid Michaelson, who is just fantastic. Below are two of her videos with really great songs!


Anyone else reading lots of great books this year? Any to recommend? Do you have a favorite singer/band? Comment and let me know!!

January 27, 2011

New Layout!

So, bloggers and blog-readers, do you see the new layout? I changed the colors, fonts, everything! I was trying to make the background image - the flowers and buttons - bigger, but it's not letting me for some reason. If you have any idea on how to fix that, feel free to comment and help me out! I've also added an icon on the side . . . the glittery type writer? Well, that'll take you to my home page. I'm pretty sure it's on every page, so bada bing bada boom! I think you can also add it to your blog if you're super nice and want to help promote me, but I'm not really sure how you can add something like that. Once again, adivce is welcome in the comments!

On other news, I am hard at work on my books. I'm thinking of bringing 'You Don't Understand' back to inkpop. I've got a preview of the book up at the moment, so if you'd like to check it out, simply go to: http://inkpop.com/projects/89740/you-don-t-understand-preview/
Feedback is extremely welcome!!

I'll be ending with a few updates, by the way.

Currently Reading: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Current Music Obsession: He is We
Mood: Okay; sick! :P

January 22, 2011

The Lost Hero: Book Review

I recently finished reading the new book, The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan. The book is the first book in the series, The Heroes of Olympus. The series is a Percy Jackson spin-off, so if you didn't read the original series, some things are a little confusing. I hadn't read the Percy Jackson books, so I was asking my friend who did a lot of questions. Still, The Lost Hero is a great book!

The book focused on Jason Grace, Piper McLean and Leo Valdez who all their own problems that are introduced in the beginning of the book. Jason can't remember who he is or where he came from. Piper's movie star dad is being held captive by a giant. Leo lost his mother to his own power.

Characters: The characters were strong, and really well developed. I don't want to give away their godly parents, but I felt this book was a really good read because the characters all had such strong emotions.

Plot/Storyline: As usual, Rick Riordan crafted a magical world of Greek, and even a little Roman, mythology. There was action, adventure, romance and humor in this book. I even learned more about the Greek gods!

Overall: I loved loved loved this book! It had everything a great book should. It did end on somewhat of a cliffhanger, but I'm hopeful the second book will be just as good. If you're a fan of Greek or Roman mythology, Percy Jackson and the Olympians or anything that grabs your heart, you have got to read The Lost Hero!

How Do I Decide if My Book Should Have a Sequel?

So, I have been struggling with this issue for awhile now. After some feedback from others, I know the answer to my own question. I think other writers deal with this problem, too.
Once my first novel is written and completed, how can I be sure if I want to write a sequel or not?

There are a few different questions you need to ask yourself before you write your sequel. First, is there enough to even have a sequel? Will there be a suitable problem that can still relate back to book one without making the two books too alike? You need to make sure that you don't just write a sequel full of ramblings. That's what blogs are for! xD

If you feel that you can write a second book, you need to think of where to start. If your first book had an epilogue, it may be harder to write the second one, but not entirely impossible. You should usually start the sequel a little after the first book, but not too far. You want the reader to still feel that connection to the characters and storyline.

So, step back and view your first novel. If you were the reader, would you want another book, or would you be ready to move on? Think about that and what was mentioned above before you put your time and effort into a sequel.

January 9, 2011

He Likes Me, He Doesn't Like Me. He Likes Me Again . . . what do I do?

A person asked me what she should do in a romantic situation. She liked her guy friend and told him that, but he didn't want to be more than friends at the time. Now he wants to. What does a girl do?

I was in a similar situation where I liked one of my boy friends (take note of the space in between the words!) I told him and he didn't like me like that. Overall, I was pretty crushed. I still like him, seeing as this was only about a month ago.
I'm going to let my own feelings shine through . . . . If the boy I like, let's call him . . . . Ryan. If Ryan told me he actually did like me and wanted to go out with me, I'd say yes in a heartbeat. Like you said before, I still get that butterflies/warm&fuzzy feelings when we talk.
So, if you're sure you still like him and he likes you, I'd say go for it! People and situations change; it really doesn't matter what he said a year ago.You just have to start over and hope that happily ever after is somewhere down the road.

Go after your 'Ryan', but be sure he likes you as much as you like him. From what you've told me, I think the romance between you two is mutal. ;]

If you get a comment and its obvious that the person didn't read your book do you still thank them?

So, I have a question from a fellow writer on a writing website I am on. (inkpop.com) This question could help others, though, if you have friends or family reading your book.
If you get a comment and its obvious that the person did not read anything about your book (not even the title) do you still say thank you?

I think people that don't have the time to read anything about your book truly don't deserve a thank-you. If they have a real reason for not being able to read it for you, then thank them for trying to. Basically, if they devote time to your novel, short story or even poem, they deserve a thank-you. If they don't bother to read anything, not even the title and summary, then they really shouldn't be thanked. They didn't do anything for you, did they?

If you were swapping with the person, as in reading something of theirs in return for non-inkies, then you're in a different situation. If you've already read their book, you should request a new critique. Explain why you want a new comment. If you haven't read their story yet, then don't. It's up to you if you'd like to message the person and explain, but you shouldn't do anything for them if they're trying to cheat you.

January 3, 2011

New Pretty Little Liars?

Almost every teenager, girls and guys, have either heard of the book series, Pretty Little Liars, or seen the hit TV show on ABC Family. With the show starting its second season tonight, the fame of the series is evident. Author Sara Sheperd announced there will be four more books in the series, the next one coming out in early July.

She hasn't dropped many hints about the new books except a recent post in her Twitter feed:

"Clues . . . well, the girls are in HUGE trouble. They're not speaking anymore."

So, apparently there's trouble in paradise. I don't know much, but I think these new books will be an interesting addition. Anyone excited for the additions? Predictions? Anyone think Sara Sheperd's dragging the series on a little? I have a few friends who think that.

I'm off to watch the new episode. Comment with thoughts about the show, series and anything else Pretty Little Liars!

Vampire Academy: Shadow Kiss

I recently finished reading the third book in the Vampire Academy series, Shadow Kiss. The series is complete with six books, but there is news of a spin-off series. I read the first book months ago, and I decided I should finish the second because I was nearly halfway through it. After reading that, I needed the third. Now, I'm practically begging for the fourth book.

Title: Shadow Kiss

Author: Richelle Mead

Summary: It's springtime at St. Vladimir's Academy and Rose is close to graduation, but since making her first Strigoi kills, things haven't felt quite right. She's having dark thoughts, behaving erratically, and worst of all ...might be seeing ghosts. Consumed by her forbidden love with her tutor Dimitri and protecting her best friend, the Moroi princess Lissa, Rose is in no state to see the deadly threat that will change her entire world - and make her choose between the two people she loves most.

My Rating: Five out of five stars

Review: This book made me smile, laugh, cry, curse, and do practically everything! It was full of emotion and suspense, and I literally could not put it down. There was the right amount of drama and action without overloading it. The ending of this novel was a shock, one that will surprise anyone who reads it. I don't want to give anything away, but I'm warning you to have a box of tissues and a free night before you start reading this book.

Five-word opinion: Can't believe it; magnificent book!